Monday, February 1, 2010

NO LIMITS!!! Choose your time frame and we will take as many poses and clothing changes allowable in your portrait session:

Senior Session:
30 minutes indoor $25.00

Varsity Session:
60 minutes indoor $50.00

Vanguard Session:
90 minutes, indoor/outdoor $75.00

Heritage Elite:
120 minutes, indoor/outdoor $100.00

Selecting the proper session time is very important in the senior portrait experience. That’s why we offer a complimentary pre-portrait consultation before your actual photography session to help you determine the best clothing selections and make the most of your time here at Heritage.

Heritage Photography knows that today’s seniors are extremely particular about how they want to look. We have a book of poses that you can choose from, or you can take tear sheets from model poses shown in popular magazines, or download poses that you have already tried on yourself on a CD and bring it in to the studio. Take as much control as you wish. We will provide the very latest techniques in posing, lighting, special effects and the latest background styles.

The senior photography market has been flooded with an overwhelming number of photographers in recent years. Sometimes it is difficult trying to separate the amateurs from the professionals. Heritage Prints Photography has photographed over 7500 seniors throughout its almost 30 year history of business. We are passionate about senior photography and constantly stay ahead of the curve in the latest trends. We listen to what you want! We appreciate your input! We guarantee your personal satisfaction!
Class of 2015 Specials (Free with Package Purchase)

Pre Portrait Consultation

Choice of Backgrounds, Props, & Poses

CD of Previews to Keep (non printable)

Name on Wallets

Display Folders w/4x6 & 5x7 images

No Retouching Fees

No Reorder Fees

Multiple Poses in Package

Yearbook Portrait

Wallet Boxes

Sports & Hobby Poses

Poses with Friends

Black & White or Sepia Images

Special Effects/Touch of Color

Senior Portrait Packages (One package minimum per order)

You are not limited to only one package of portraits, and in fact, most clients order additional portraits to meet their needs. Please view the following packages, and determine if one of our packages works for you. If not, a custom package can be designed to suit your needs and substitutions can be made. Minnesota sales tax is added to each portrait order.

Silver Package $295

1 8x10 portrait

2 5x7 portraits

4 4x6 portraits
32 wallets (2 poses)

Gold Package $345

1 8x10 portrait

4 5x7 portraits in folders

6 4x6 portraits in folders

48 wallets (3 poses)

Diamond Package $395

1 Framed 8x10 portrait

1 8x10 portrait montage

6 5x7 portraits in folders

6 4x6 portraits in folders

64 wallets (4 poses)

Platinum Package $595

1 Framed 8x10 portrait or 1 unframed 11x14 portrait image

1 8x10 portrait montage Leatherette Portfolio w/ 6-8 portrait images

12 5x7 portraits with folders or 6 5x7 and 8 4x6 portrait images with folders

(25) 5x7 custom composite graduation announcements

96 wallets (6 poses)

* Packages contain multiple poses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have a pre-portrait consultation? We want to meet you and find out what you like or dislike and have you bring your clothing selections before your actual portrait session. Not every clothing selection photographs well! Let’s talk about what your expressions have been in the past. Have you been happy with the results? A professional photographer who specializes in the senior market has the knowledge and experience to bring out your very best look! Every senior session is personal and customized to your suggestions. Being photographed without first meeting your photographer can result in a generic, one size fits all portrait session.

Can I split up my indoor and outdoor session? Yes, many students chose to come on two separate days. Outdoor sessions require weather conditions that may not be present the day of your indoor session.

Can I change my hairstyle? Yes you can, as long as you pick a session that includes enough time to make the changes. If you choose an indoor/outdoor session, you may want to have one hairstyle for your indoor session and another hairstyle for your outdoor session

What if I have blemishes or sunburn/tan lines? Don’t worry about blemishes the day of your portrait session. All images are retouched for blemishes at no extra charge. Sunburn is very difficult to even out and reflects portrait lighting differently than evenly toned skin. Heritage recommends that you either evenly tan or stay out of the sun prior to your portrait session.

What if I don’t like my pictures? We want you to absolutely love your pictures! Sessions here are relaxed and casual. We may want to schedule a complimentary mini pre-session if you are really unsure of how you will photograph. Retakes are always available for consistently poor expression.

When can I see the images from my session? You will be able to view your images here at the studio the following day depending upon the studio’s schedule. At that point you have the option of deleting any images you do not like. All preview scans are watermarked and copyright protected. They are for viewing and making your portrait selections and are not able to be printed.

Can I purchase my original portrait scans? Yes, you will be able to purchase your scans and be able to make reprints with a copyright release from the studio. A minimum portrait purchase of $600 is required before scans can be purchased.

How long does it take to get my portraits after I order them? You should receive your finished portraits within two weeks after you place your order. You are responsible for picking up your yearbook picture at the studio and bringing it to the school before your deadline.

What payment arrangements are available at Heritage Photography? The studio will accept a bank issued cashier’s check or cash in payment for your portrait session and package. We do not accept credit cards. If you choose to prepay your session fee and package at the time of your consultation, we will accept a personal check. If you do not choose to prepay your portrait package, your total session fee plus one half of your package must be paid by cashier’s check or cash before you can remove the CD Scans from the studio. The total session fee is payable the day you are photographed regardless if you split your session.

How do I get started? Call the studio @651-459-4308 and schedule a pre portrait consultation. If you have questions, email with your concerns. Empty out your closet with possible clothing choices, bring any suggestions for poses or ideas and come over the studio! It is just that simple. We’ll show you what’s available and you can decide if you want Heritage to photograph your senior pictures!

Additional Portraits
Gift Portraits
(1)5x7 portrait $30.00

Set of 2…….......$50.00

Set of 4…….......$90.00

Set of 6……......$120.00


Set of 4……........$55.00

Set of 6……........$90.00


Set of 16…........$26.00

All Set of 24…....$36.00 wallets

Set of 32……......$48.00 are priced

Set of 40……......$58.00 for volume

Set of 48……......$68.00 at one pose

Set of 60……......$75.00 per set

Set of 72……......$82.00

Portfolios & Composites

Portfolio with 8 portraits…..$125.00

Portfolio with 12 portraits…$175.00

8x10 Composite……...………….$60.00

Senior Video………………………..$50.00

Graduation Announcements

Each set of 48…………..........$75.00

Graduation announcements are custom designed in style, invitation wording, and portrait choices.

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